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Thames Water for Wildlife

Thames Water for Wildlife brings together two elements of People, Ponds and Water (Clean Water for Wildlife and PondNet) in a citizen science survey of the Thames Water Region. Individuals, groups and schools can help us to discover more about the wonderful freshwater that surrounds us.

Thames Clean Water for Wildlife: This element of the project aims to create a map of water quality across the Thames region. To do this we will supply schools, volunteer groups and youth groups with quick and easy water quality testing kits. These kits measure the levels of nitrate and phosphate, pollutants that pose a major risk to wildlife, and will uncover the best and most unpolluted local freshwaters.

Thames PondNet: The Thames Valley still has many wildlife rich, beautiful and varied freshwaters, even though it is one of the most intensively managed and developed areas of the UK. One important reason for this is that, even though the main river network is quite polluted and damaged, many ponds are part of an ancient wetland landscape which, despite the last 5000 years of human activity, still provide home for a great variety of freshwater plants and animals. This element of the project aims to identify and monitor these important habitats and the species they support.