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Welcome to WaterNet

WaterNet is the data portal for Freshwater Habitats Trust and the People, Ponds and Water project. Our aim is to provide a hub where information and data can be shared by everyone, whilst at the same time provide a fit-for-purpose data management tool and a resource for increased learning and understanding of our freshwater heritage.

Volunteers can view all the People, Ponds and Water networks, adopt sites for survey, enter their records, uploads photographs and diagrams, see summary statistics and analyse their data, and download some or all of the records. Data formats will be compatible with other recording databases, but uniquely WaterNet will combine habitat and species data and analyse and present your results in the context of the national results.


Clean Water for Wildlife

Clean Water for Wildlife is a citizen science survey that aims to raise awareness of the true extent of nutrient pollution, and identify clean water habitats in England and Wales, with the ultimate aim of helping to protect biodiversity.

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PondNet is a volunteer multi-taxa structured surveillance network of ponds across England and Wales. This will be the first national habitat based network of its kind and will give us invaluable information about the condition of ponds and the species they support.

Flagship Ponds

Flagship Ponds are the very best pond sites in England and Wales; identified because they support populations of the some of the UKs rarest species and because they represent some of the least impacted most diverse pond habitats remaining in the country.

Thames Water for Wildlife

Thames Water for Wildlife brings together the two elements of People, Ponds and Water (Clean Water for Wildlife and PondNet) in a citizen science survey of the Thames Water Region; helping to connect people with the freshwater wildlife on their doorstep.

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Ponds on the Map

Explore data collected in previous projects by the Freshwater Habitats Trust and our partners, including the Million Ponds Project, Priority Ponds, Flagship Ponds and Important Areas for Ponds (IAPs).

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BAP Species Map

The BAP Species Map is an on-line tool which identifies which priority pond species live in your region. It was developed as part of the Million Pond Toolkit and provides details about habitat requirements, and pond design tips to locate and tailor new ponds for rare species.

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